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I think Sweden and Finland would run the Pokemon daycare together and Sealand would help out when he got out of trainer school every day

!!!!! And everyone is so scared of Berwald at first because they think he’s a scary guy but when they come back for their Pokemon they find out he’s actually one of the biggest sweethearts ever and hAS a cute little smile on his face whenever the Pokemon they left holds an egg and !!!

Also even though Tino doesn’t allow it, Berwald lets Peter play with the Pokemon when Tino isn’t looking B).

Norway likes clinging to Denmark, such as holding onto his sleeve or slipping an arm through his c:

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imagine A BUDEW ARMY

Like that one Hetalia episode where everyone’s scared of the Greek army but it’s just a bunch of fucking cats but instead it’s the English army and it’s nothing but one million budews

aph prussia collects bird pokémon but he never evolves them and they're all named gilbird or some variation

Omfg imagine Gilbert with like a full team of level 70 Pokemon like Gengar and Honchkrow or some shit and he seems so intimidating but the first Pokemon he sends out is a level 100 Pidgey named Gildgey

imagine arthur spending all his time trying to breed a shiny roselia or some other cute pokemon for francis d'aw

(Budew’s shiny evo line is so pretty omg those are some of the best shinys tbh) 

Yeah and then the big loser ends up with like 100+ Budews so he finally decides to swallow his pride and ask another trainer for one of the shiny members of Budew’s evo family in exchange for his shiny Jellicent and Francis is so shocked that he actually gave away one of his Pokemon for him /)//u///(\

aph russia has multiple sunfloras

!!! And he also probably owns a little Torchic too to keep him warm on cold nights. Like he probably owns some Ice types but the Sunflora and the Torchic are secretly his favorites. He also probably gave the Torchic an Everstone so it wouldn’t evolve because he loves it as a Torchic too much, oh gosh.

aph japan collects cute Pokémon, cat Pokémon, and psychic or ghost Pokémon

And maybe Pochi could be a Growlithe? Those are so cute tbh. He probably owns a bunch of Eevees because those are his favorite Pokemon.

Seychelles would probably have a bunch of Corsola (living at her house), and then her team would probably be similar to Phoebe for shits and giggles (but one of her strongest Corsolas in there as well)

Ahh Corsolas are so cute!! Wish they evolved though, I think they have potential. 

I also feel like she would have a Lumieon too. And maybe a Gorebyss and a Huntail? I feel like her whole team would be Water type exclusive. Though she might have one non-water type, and I’d think that would be Ludiculo. Though she might have some ghost types too.


my fourth aph click and drag game - academy-themed!

in celebration of heading back to school cries

aph canada has all the ice types and at least one of each deer or moose-like Pokémon

You mean Pokemon like Sawsbuck (for the deer-like Pokemon) (>0∨0<)? I have a feeling he would like Bibarel too. also why do I always spell Bibarel wrong…

aph america as a trainer collects ALL the bird pokemon, especially the ones that look like eagles

Omg yeah like he probably really really likes Pokemon like Skarmory, and Pidgeot, though like the rest of the Poketalia fandom, it’s safe to say that his partner would be Braviary.

Actually in my own little independent Poketalia au, Alfred’s Braviary is actually a real serious Pokemon and doesn’t like to mess around like his trainer and is constantly getting Al out of trouble. (preventing him from falling over ledges, dragging him away when he’s about to get hurt, that kind of thing. Like a guardian) 

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